The Valley of New Castle

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Officers of the Valley of New Castle

Officers of the New Castle Lodge of Perfection, 4° - 14° for 2016-2017
Thrice Potent Master
Charles D. Heemer, Jr., 32°
Deputy Master
Brian Swartzlander 32°
Senior Warden
W. David Hazlet, 32°
Junior Warden
Timothy Wilson, 32°
Ricky Ohl 32°
Master of Ceremonies
Levi R. Harding, III, 32°
Captain of the Guard
Corbett Stewart, 32°

Officers of the New Castle Council Princes of Jerusalem, 15° - 16° for 2016-2017
Sovereign Prince
Robert J. Murdoch, Jr., 32°
High Priest
Richard A. Palm, 32°
Senior Warden
Ill. Gordon D. Rees, 33°
Junior Warden
Gerald C. Cochran, 33
Master of Entrances
R. Dominic Eperthener, 32

Master of Ceremonies
Dale J. Henderson, 3

Officers of the New Castle Chapter of Rose Croix, 17° - 18° for 2016-2017 
Most Wise Master
Cory W. Mason, 32°
Senior Warden
Matthew E. Rose, 32°
Junior Warden
Donald P. Paul,  32°, MSA
Roxie D. Costanza, 32°
Masters of Ceremonies
Calvin C. Creighton, 32°
Master of the Guard
Thomas L. Roush, 32°

Officers of the New Castle Consistory, 19° - 32° for 2015-2018
Jeffrey P. Jackson, 33°
First Lt. Commander
W. Thomas Marlowe, 33°
Second Lt. Commander
Mark E. Viertel, 33°, M.S.A.
Keith A. McKnight, 33°
Howard E. Glovier, 33°, M.S.A.
Nicholas Vaccarello, 32°, V.S.A.
Coy R. Price, 33°
Chairman of Trustees*
S. Robert Marziano, Jr., 33°
George F. Morrow, 33°
Howard T. Gierling, 33°
Mark R. Nord, 33°
Donald P. Paul,  32°, MSA
Levi R. Harding, III, 32°, M.S.A.
Engineer & Seneschal
Gordon E. Hensel, 32°, 
Standard Bearer
Gerald C. Cochran, 33°
Color Bearer
Richard P. Malcahy, 32°, V.S.A.
Master of Ceremonies
Kevin A. Griffin, 32°
Captain of the Guard
Howard D. Matthews, 32°, M.S.A.
David J. Williamson, 32°
Director of Ritualistic Work*
Robert T. Cummings, 33°, M.S.A., V.S.A.
Director of Ritualistic Work, Emeritus*
David H. Marvin, 33°
Master of Wardrobe*
Charles E. Cranmer, 33°, M.S.A.
Membership Chairman
Shane F. Connor, 32°
Co-Chairman, Food Committee*
Michael R. Matis, 32°, M.S.A.

* Denotes that office serves all four Scottish Rite bodies.

To recommend someone as an elected or appointed Officer in any of the Valley of New Castle Bodies,
please submit names for consideration of the Officer Review Committee to