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Bringing the House Lights Down!
Every 15-20 years, a dedicated crew lowers the three enormous chandeliers in the auditorium.

This gives us an opportunity to clean the crystals, polish the brass, and change the hundreds of clear, blue, and red light bulbs.

 These chandeliers, of the crystal pendant suspension type, were specially designed and constructed for our Cathedral.

The largest weighs 2300 pounds, while the others weigh 1500 pounds each!

The following Scottish Rite Masons helped lower, dismantle, clean, and re-lamp the three massive Chandeliers in the main Auditorium last June 2011.
Robert McKibben, Rob Cummings, Brian Cummings, Pete Grittie, Gordon Rees. Brady Robertson, Dale McConnelll, Jim Robinson, and Jim Houston.

The main chandelier is lowered by hand crank, one turn of the crank lowers it one inch. The height of the chandelier is 65 feet! The job took seven days to complete.

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