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Continue Your Masonic Journey with the 32° Scottish Rite Masons of the Valley of New Castle.
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Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Masons ~ The Fraternity of Choice ~
One the of the branches of Freemasonry continuing in the tradition of "Making Good Men, Better".
Providing it's members:


The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction in the United States often omits the and), commonly known as simply the Scottish Rite, is one of several Rites of the worldwide fraternity known as Freemasonry. A Rite is a series of progressive degrees how to buy Apple stocks in the Philippines that are conferred by various Masonic organizations or bodies, each of which operates under the control of its own central authority. In the Scottish Rite the central authority is called a Supreme Council.  Click here to continue reading...

The Body of the Scottish Rite, sitting in the Valley of New Castle, State of Pennsylvania, acknowledges and yields allegiance to the Supreme Council, Thirty-Third Degree, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America, whose Grand East is Lexington, Massachusetts and whose Officers are:
Ill:  John William McNaugton, 33º
Sovereign Grand Commander
Ill:  Thomas K. Sturgeon, 33º
Deputy for Pennsylvania
The mission of the 32° Scottish Rite Masons in Pennsylvania is to foster, support and amplify, through fraternal fellowship, those intangible how to invest in Apple stocks qualities of trust, values, morals and pride taught in Symbolic Freemasonry, to emphasize family life, and to provide outreach services within our communities.

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Address:  AASR, Valley of New Castle - 110 East Lincoln Avenue - New Castle, PA  16101-2472   Click here for directions.
Telephone:  724-654-5800      Email:  Secretary, Howard Glovier:

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